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    Credit Hours
  • $27,000
    Tuition Estimate
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About the Program

The Master of Arts in Global Affairs (MAGA) enables students to pursue studies with a focus on the political, economic and social interactions that have an impact on global turbulence.

MAGA coursework is designed to provide students with a global vision from a variety of disciplinary perspectives. Additionally, students will develop expertise in one or more geographic areas of the globe. The program will provide valuable and practical experience through a planned policy exercise and collective study abroad program exclusive to MAGA students.

By studying in the MAGA program, students will increase their knowledge of global affairs, enhance their ability to operate in a dynamic global environment and expand their global connections, contributing to professional success.

United Nations Building


The online Master of Arts in Global Affairs is a 33 credit hour program designed to equip students, including professionals at various stages of their careers, with the ability to interpret and analyze global dynamics in an increasingly turbulent world. The objective of the program is to cultivate expertise in international security or economic development, applicable to a wide range of international settings.

Fall 2015

Global Economic Turbulence
IAS 5912
Global Economic Turbulence
International Law
IAS 5013
International Law

Spring 2016

Latin American International Relations
IAS 5353
Latin American International Relations
Global Political Turbulence
IAS 5902
Global Political Turbulence

Summer 2016

Global Social Turbulence
IAS 5922
Global Social Turbulence
Olympic Legacy - Winners/Losers
IAS 5940.025
Olympic Legacy - Winners/Losers

Fall 2016

Culture, Power and the Global Environment
IAS 5940
Culture, Power and the Global Environment
The Political Economy of China
IAS 5693
The Political Economy of China
The European Union
IAS 5213
The European Union

Spring 2017

International Relations of the Middle East
IAS 5433
International Relations of the Middle East
Coming Soon
IAS 5940
Experience Abroad: Brussels
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Meet the Faculty

  • Rebecca Cruise, Ph.D.

    Rebecca Cruise, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor of Security Studies and Comparative Politics

  • Suzette Grillot, Ph.D.

    Suzette Grillot, Ph.D.

    Dean, College of International Studies

  • Eric Heinze, Ph.D.

    Eric Heinze, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor of Political Science and International & Area Studies

  • Bo Kong, Ph.D.

    Bo Kong, Ph.D.

    ConocoPhilips Assistant Professor of Chinese and Asian Studies Associate Professor of Philosophy

  • Joshua Landis, Ph.D.

    Joshua Landis, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor and Director of the Center for Middle East Studies

  • Alan McPherson, Ph.D.

    Alan McPherson, Ph.D.

    Professor and ConocoPhillips Chair in Latin American Studies

  • Erika Robb Larkins, Ph.D.

    Erika Robb Larkins, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor of Latin American Studies

  • Samer Shehata, Ph.D.

    Samer Shehata, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor of Middle East Studies

  • Mitchell Smith, Ph.D.

    Mitchell Smith, Ph.D.

    Associate Dean of Academic Affairs College of International Studies

  • Noah Theriault, Ph.D.

    Noah Theriault, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor of Environmental Anthropology and Southeast Asian Studies

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Graduate students at the University of Oklahoma are students who have earned at least a Baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited university and plan to pursue an advanced degree or a graduate certificate.

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  • Submit contact information for three individuals who would be willing to submit a letter of recommendation if needed
  • Submit English proficiency (international students)
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