Introduction to Management
Introduction to Management is a course that provides knowledge of interest to individuals of all ages and backgrounds who wish to learn more about managing careers, individuals, organizational situations, decisions, and relationships. The course features a graphic novel that chronicles the tales of Atlas Black as he works to fund his college expenses, start a new business, and act as a fledgling entrepreneur, along the way illustrating key concepts from principles of management. Recent studies conducted at OU find graphic novels are associated with superior student recall compared to traditional textbooks alone. The content of the course will use innovative delivery material including online lectures, a traditional textbook, and a graphic novel textbook, as well as a specific emphasis on businesses in the state of Oklahoma.

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3 credit hours

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MGT 2013-995

Introduction to Management


Price College of Business (Division of Management and Entrepreneurship)

Start Date

June 09, 2014


4 weeks

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Jeremy Short, Ph.D.
Course Instructor
Jeremy Short, Ph.D.
Rath Chair of Strategic Management at the Price College of Business
Aaron McKenny
Course Instructor
Aaron McKenny
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