DARE SAMPLE Course: Demystifying the Academic Research Enterprise
This course equips students across all academic disciplines – from art history and anthropology to zoology – with an understanding of the fundamental tenets of research and creative activity. In so doing, it enables students to quickly and effectively begin engaging in authentic, inquiry-driven research and creative activity very early in their academic career, even before they have taken courses specific to their discipline. Such hands-on work, as an integral part of the undergraduate experience, enhances academic performance, creates new knowledge by solving problems and developing new mechanisms of human expression, and opens new vistas of career opportunity. Topics covered in the course include fundamental motivations for performing research and creative activity and how such work is funded, the need for research and the process by which it takes place, ethical behavior, dissemination of results, ownership of intellectual property, the effective delivery and use of critique and peer review, collaboration within and across disciplines, and challenges and opportunities for the future.

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DARE SAMPLE Course: Demystifying the Academic Research Enterprise


University of Oklahoma

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January 01, 2018


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Fully Online

Kelvin Droegemeier
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Kelvin Droegemeier
Regents’ Professor of Meteorology and Vice President for Research
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