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Power and Elegance of Computational Thinking
This course is intended for people who have no experience in computer science but would like to learn more about how computers work and how they can control them. It is designed to introduce learners to the power and elegance of computational thinking. You will learn basic computational principles and will have the opportunity to put them into practice. Computers and technology are driving phenomenal change in this world. This course will give you the power to help drive that change.

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For-Credit Information for OU Students


There are no prerequisites for this course.

No prior programming experience is assumed.

Credit Hours

1 credit hour

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CS 1300

Power and Elegance of Computational Thinking


Computer Science

Start Date

January 13, 2014


16 Weeks

Day & Time


Amy McGovern, Ph.D.
Course Instructor
Amy McGovern, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, School of Computer Science
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